Mexican Baseball League Player Attacks Hostile Pitcher With Bat And Helmet In Insane, Massive Brawl


Baseball, like so many things, seems to be much more exciting in Mexico. A wild fight broke out during a game on Wednesday between the Toros de Tijuana game against Rieleros de Aguascalientes, after it seemed like the Rieleros pitcher Brandon Quintero deliberately beaned hitter Gabriel Gutiérrez when he was at bat, TMZ reports. The scene started in the 8th inning, and it seemed like a breaking point for Gutiérrez.

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Running at Quintero while swinging his bat, a few players tried to hold Gutiérrez back, but he just threw the bat instead. When that missed its mark he tossed his helmet. By then, everyone was pouring onto the pitch, probably because it did seem like a murder was about to happen:

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According to BroBible, the reason for the bad blood is that the teams have been in a three-game series, with each one winning a game leading up to this third. In both cases, the winning tea was ahead by a massive number of runs, and that is like giving someone the finger. It’s rude.

Leading up to the fight, it seemed like Quintero was deliberately hitting people at bat with his pitches and that’s definitely what it looks like is happening here, so I kind of understand the explosion:

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Shockingly, the fight ended in about twenty minutes and only three people were tossed out of the game. They still had some innings to finish, after all. The Toros won 5-3, and their champion Leandro Castro told reporters afterward that the fight was entirely the fault of the other team who was still pissed about the score from their last loss:

The teams are scheduled to play each other yet again this week, so I’d recommend tuning in. Gonna be a hot one in Tijuana.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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