Man Filmed Clinging To Amusement Park Sky Ride Before Falling To Death

amusement park ride
Local News 8/YouTube

An amusement park visitor in Farmington, Utah, captured the moments just before a man fell off one of the rides to his death on video.

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Lucy Grace Atilla was filming as she rode the slow-moving Sky Ride at Lagoon Amusement Park when she noticed a man casually dangling from the protective bar of one of the chairs. He wasn’t making any noise or struggling as he passed Atilla.

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“I’m thinking, ‘This is just a professional gymnast or a stunt,’” she told Local News 8.

But reportedly only moments after he left the view of the camera, he fell.

The 50 feet drop left the 32-year-old man in critical condition as he was flown to a nearby hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, the police have said that the fall wasn’t intentional and park officials say the ride didn’t malfunction, leaving it a mystery as to how the man wound up dangling from the chair in the first place.

“We don’t know why he did that or what was going on. We just don’t know,” Farmington Police Chief Wayne Hansen told KSL-TV.

However, an investigation into what happened is reportedly underway.

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Lagoon shared their condolences to the man’s family and anyone who witnessed the tragedy on their Facebook page, saying that they “are saddened by an unfortunate incident that occurred on the sky ride yesterday.”

They also responded to several concerned comments, noting that they are working on crisis counseling for their employees who were present at the time.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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