Lil Baby Responds To Year Clip Of Logan Paul Dissing His Music

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Lil Baby is firing back after catching wind of an old clip featuring Logan Paul dissing the rapper’s music.

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Back in 2020, the Viner-turned-podcaster-turned-wannabe-MMA-fighter chatted with several other people on his podcast about the state of modern music, insinuating that there wasn’t really any genuinely good music in the past ten years. 

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“I just wonder if we’re getting to a point where music is so saturated,” Paul theorized. “I’m just gonna say it right now: Lil Baby, he’ll pop up on my Spotify…and I can’t f—king get away from Lil Baby songs. And I’m all for the new artists, but this one in particular, I have no idea what he’s saying. I have none. And it all sounds the same. His tone is the same. It’s all the same. I give him a year.

Like all art, music is subjective. Just because Logan Paul doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it has no value — similar to how just because people watch Logan Paul’s podcast doesn’t mean it has legitimate value. 

The weird thing about Paul’s comment, though, is that Lil Baby had already been active and dropping tracks for several years prior to the YouTuber taking note of him, which is generally how success works. 

So rather than fizzle out in the next year, the rapper has actually subsequently been nominated at the Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and the Grammys, and has even been a guest at the White House.

Somehow, Lil Baby finally caught wind of Paul’s comments, and responded with a casual diss of his own.

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Fans on both sides were all too ready to pull out the popcorn and see how things went down from there.

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Well, for the most part.

But to his credit, Paul walked back his past statement, and admitted that he was wrong.

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He also temporarily changed his Twitter name to “Logan Who,” proving that if absolutely nothing else, he remains savvy when it comes to capitalizing off internet drama.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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