Lil Xan Threw A Drink On Rival Rapper Supreme Patty And The Fight Looks As Sad As That Sounds


Rapper Lil Xan was performing at Treehouse Rooftop Lounge in Fort Myers, Florida, on Saturday night, when he got into some sort of fight with Supreme Patty, who as far as I can tell is a knock-off Johnny Knoxville.

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TMZ reports that the two were having some heated words when someone tossed a drink in Supreme Patty’s direction from the VIP section.

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This ignited a bit of a brawl, as a dozen people tried to choke each other simultaneously. The whole fight looks pretty embarrassing, but Supreme Patty was happy to advertise it by saying “security” pulled him away from Lil Xan and told him to “grow the f-ck” up.

It does seem like Supreme Patty was provoked in that clip, and he added in other tweets that he is absolutely not going to take any “disrespect” from anybody, especially Lil Xan:

Lil Xan didn’t have anything to say about the ‘hiding behind security’ charges. He did say that Supreme Patty lied about “getting booked” and was also breaking into the VIP section to syphon off bottles:

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In the end, they’re both kind of sad and so is this fight.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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