Lil Nas X Is Trolling People Trying To “Cancel” Eminem By Mocking Their Terrible Freestyles

lil nas x eminem

Lil Nas X might be the funniest Real Celebrity (versus a TikTok celebrity) on the platform. He manages to make TikToks that seem to really be coming from his own perspective, not his PR firm, he’s good at dunking on people, and seems to have an irreverent sense of humor about his own fame.

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Lil Nas has put all these powers to good use by making fun of the dorks making “raps” to defend the un-cancelable Eminem. Yes, this is a real thing:

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Gen Z is apparently upset about old Eminem lyrics that are offensive, probably not realizing that a lot of those lyrics were considered offensive when they came out anyway.

It’s not new info, and folks have been trying to boo Eminem off the stage for years. Obviously, he has a whole lot of fans who don’t care and will never care and will put TikToks of themselves rapping horribly up for everybody to see just to prove it.

Not the hill I’d want to die on, but whatever. You do you.

Even Eminem himself is aware of the fruitless controversy, and has even rapped about it recently:

Complex reports that he talked about it in an interview in late 2020.

“I’m canceled for whatever the f–k it was,” he said. “It’s funny because I see some of the same people… who b-tched about things back then that I said and then going back now and saying, ‘why can’t he be that again.’ 

What the f–k. When I was that you had a problem with that too. I understand some of the sh-t but for the most part like for people who just sit online and they feel like they need to b-tch about whatever it is to feel like they’re a part of something. With cancel culture, it’s like nobody really gets canceled though.”

I mean, he’s right about that. Getting “canceled” doesn’t seem to stick to most people and it certainly hasn’t stuck to him.

Lil Nas X isn’t too focused on Eminem, but he did take a minute to make fun of these Eminem Stans angry with Gen Z.

He did a little freestyle as one of them, saying, “Generation Z wants to cancel Eminem? Generation Z wants to cancel Eminem? Yeah, listen up, Generation Z, you’re a generation of Z, Z, generation of Z.”

…And it’s almost on beat:

Please! If Lil Nas X is making fun of you, it’s time to just sit down and be quiet. Eminem is going to be fine.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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