LeBron James Causes Scene At Son Bronny’s Game, Yells At PA Announcer Over Foul Call

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On Saturday, Lebron James’s son Bronny got defended by his dad during a very public moment in his own basketball career. Bronny was playing at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School, which is also LeBron’s alma mater, according to the New York Post.

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In 2013, LeBron donated $1 million to the school to renovate the gym Bronny was playing in, and it was subsequently renamed the LeBron James Arena. Obviously, he now feels as though he owns it.

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During the final minutes of the game, Bronny got a foul call. The PA announcer made a comment about the call that the Lakers legend did not appreciate. We can’t hear exactly what he’s yelling at the announcer, but it was apparently in response to a disparaging remark about Bronny getting awarded the foul because he’s playing in a gym named after his father.

The game was put on hold as the NBA star went on to yell about the remark in front of everyone. Really hard to say what’s more embarrassing, the comment, or the reaction. It didn’t help anyone’s play, because Bronny’s team lost 73-69, and now people are debating whether or not LeBron is a helicopter parent, drama queen, or reacting appropriately to insult:

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To be fair, it’s hard to imagine what the announcer was thinking when he added that color commentary.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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