Fans Rip LeBron James To Shreds For Leaving Losing Game Early

lebron james leaves game early
@wonderousATX, @tr3s__/Twitter

On Tuesday night, fans and enemies watched The Lakers get annihilated by the Phoenix Suns, who were about 30 points ahead for most of the game. It’s hard to maintain team spirit when you’re losing so badly, possibly to a degree it would be impossible to come back from, but the worst thing to happen for morale might have been LeBron James making a big exit. Five minutes before the game ended.

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Viewers were astounded to see James head up the tunnel to the locker room, clearly disgusted with the way his team was losing:

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And he was right that the Lakers were not coming back from this:

But no one was sympathetic. James has walked off the court early before, and NBA fans were more disgusted by him doing it again than by the Lakers’ loss.

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Basic sportsmanship demands sticking with your team through thick and thin, but I guess when you get to that level of success, you’re playing for yourself. Which is too bad, because the NBA doesn’t do one-on-ones.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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