La La Anthony Is Working To Give Scholarships To HBCU Students

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Businesswoman and television personality La La Anthony has announced that she working with McDonald’s the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to spread $500,000 in scholarships to HBCU students, Blavity reports, through a program titled the Black and Positively Golden Scholarship. Anthony attended Howard University, and some of her extra-curricular activities included working the campus radio and TV stations. It clearly set her on her path in life.

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“As a person who went to an HBCU, I know the importance of education. I know the importance of HBCUs, where we can go to a college and experience things that are all for us, that represent who we are, and are representative of our culture. It’s so important,” Anthony told Blavity.

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“I’m forever grateful for that and just wish that more people can have that same opportunity to experience what college does for you and how it changes you and prepares you for the real world.”

Both incoming and current HBCU students could win up to $15,000 and applications are due at 11:59 pm on June 7, 2021. Two years ago, six people received individual scholarships of up to $15,000 each.  

A previous scholarship winner named Erin Lyke of Tuskegee University explained that the Black and Positively Golden scholarship relieved an enormous amount of stress, saving her mental space for doing what she should be doing in school—learning.

“I didn’t have to check my account statement or my schedule to see if my classes were deleted yet. So it was really a breath of fresh air that I could just sit back and focus on my career,” she said. 

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Lyke is starting a career as a wealth agent after she graduates this year. She also explained how important it was to encourage success in HBCUs.

“HBCUs are extremely underfunded and I don’t think people realize how much talent there is here and how hard we work,” Lyke said. “There’s so much history here. Booker T. Washington is buried on our campus. You don’t want to let something like that die, because Tuskegee is home for a lot of people.”

You can get more information on applying at TMCF’s website

Written by Alison Sullivan

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