Multi-Millionaire Kyrie Irving Complains About “Paying To Live” On Earth And Gets Torched

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Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving signed a four-year, $136 million contract prior to the 2019 season, and has made millions of dollars on contracts with companies such as Nike, even making a signature shoe with the basketball player. He is worth a lot of money, and like most wealthy people, doesn’t seem to understand how the everyday person lives.

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His head-in-the-clouds thinking got him absolutely roasted on Twitter after making a ridiculous statement asking why he needed to pay to live on Earth.

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“I thought Mother Earth belonged to the people. Why am I paying to live here? 🤷🏾‍♂️,” he asked. “Oh let me guess, ‘because that’s just how things are’.”

This statement, coming from a wealthy basketball player, is simply laughable.

The big picture is, how can a rich athlete even think about complaining about paying to live when there are folks who can’t afford their basic necessities? Inflation has skyrocketed recently, rent in places like New York City is going up $1500-2000 a month, and the average cost of a gallon of gas in the United States is over $5 a gallon, when it was $3 a gallon the same time last year.

The antivaxxer basketball player definitely provoked people and Twitter users ate him up for his tweet.

Many users pointed out how Irving had invested in the joke that is NFTs.

“NFT owner tweeting this,” one said.

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Another person mused, “he lost money on crypto didn’t he”

“Dude definitely converted his salary to bitcoin and apes,” one Twitter user said jokingly.

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Many rightly pointed out that, as a millionaire, he shouldn’t be complaining about needing to spend money to live.

“You got millions man shutup,” one user said.

Another user shared Irving’s contract with the Nets and said, “Alight Nostradamus,” in reference to the French astrologer and physician.

Yet another user roasted him by saying, “Multi-Millionaire Who Can Do Literally Anything Asking Philosophical Questions pt. 100000000000”

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One person rightly pointed out, “You make 42 million a year fam. You’ve literally never had a job other than playing basketball. You’ve been a millionaire since you were a teenager. I don’t wanna hear it”

“Dude pays one year of NYC rent and has a meltdown,” said one person.

Another person suggested that Irving simply didn’t want to pay his taxes.

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All in all, if you’re a rich person, you shouldn’t exactly be complaining about needing to spend money.

Written by Anna Good

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