Kim And Kanye Recreate Their Wedding During Donda Party And People Are Confused


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just keep on making the most baffling life choices.

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It was already a little odd that they were going on vacation together and wearing complementary outfits to West’s initial listening party for his new album, but they’ve gone the extra mile with Donda’s third listening party — they recreated their wedding.

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During the final song, a woman appeared on stage in a wedding dress with a long veil hiding her face. It was eventually confirmed that yes, that was, in fact, Kim.

While collaborating with your recently estranged husband to wear a wedding dress to his highly anticipated album listening party is a truly questionable and shocking choice, it’s hard to say if it’s even the most bizarre thing that went down at the event.

There was also the part where Kanye (or a stunt double) lit himself on fire.

Not to mention that he brought out DaBaby, who has been dropped from just about every festival and dissed by a variety of performers after making homophobic comments and doubling down on them during a recent performance.

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And the part where Kanye also thought it was a great idea to involve Marilyn Manson, who has repeatedly been accused of sexual assault and abuse

The inclusion of DaBaby and Manson feels like way too much to unpack, and far too unfunny for jokes truth be told (cancel culture? Oh right, that doesn’t exist), but folks on Twitter are certainly scratching their heads about the whole wedding sitch.

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Despite everything, the two stars are reportedly not actually back together, but if Ye’s goal was to stir up enough controversy throughout the night to make headlines, as often seems to be the case with him, he certainly succeeded. 

Written by Rachel Kiley

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