It Looks Like Kim Kardashian Is ‘Listening’ To Donda On Mute?

kim kardashian donda mute
@kimkardashian, @SaeedDiCaprio/Twitter

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are at a strange place in their relationship to say the least. In February, they filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences,” and ever since they seem to be getting along better than ever. Kim’s been incredibly supportive of West’s new album, DONDA, which has been its own saga.

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It seemed like the album would never come out, and now it has and some people are pissed to find their work never made it to the final cut.

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And then, Kim made an appearance at a Donda listening party…in a wedding dress…walking towards Kanye…

I’m certain that this was his idea and he seems to be happy to see her, so I don’t think she’s pulling a Miss Havisham. It’s great that they are having an amicable split, what with the kids and all, but it still makes every interaction the two have seem like a secret clue into their minds.

Twitter user @SaeedDiCaprio noticed that when Kim posted screenshots of herself listening to Donda and that the volume was turned all the way down.

It’s true:

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The screenshots went viral because it’s so absurd and seems like another part of the performance art that is their lives. But Kim eventually deleted them and posted new screenshots where she is listening to DONDA turned all the way up:

So, was this all planned or what? Or was she trying to be supportive without actually listening to any of his songs?? She has been to quite a few listening parties, maybe Kim is over it.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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