Kevin Durant Claps Back At People Making Fun Of His ‘Ashy’ Legs

kevin durant ashy legs
Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock

Kevin Durant attracted a lot of attention after a photo exposed the condition of one inch of leg above his sock on Monday night. The picture was posted to the SLAM Kicks Twitter account, who obviously wanted some attention on their shoes. This probably isn’t what they had in mind.

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“Can say a lot without saying any words,” they captioned the pic, not knowing how true that would be.

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We live in a very judgmental world so you can literally be an NBA star and people will still clown on you for having any type of flaw. Like, does it look as though Durant needs to moisturize? Yes. Is it any of our business? Hell no. That’s between him and his dermatologist.

It looks super uncomfortable, but maybe he has other stuff on his mind or a lotion allergy or some sort of warlock curse on him. We just don’t know. But that didn’t stop the pile on:

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Durant is fully aware of the skin controversy and weighed in with this:

“I’m bouta pull my ‘y’all broke’ card in a second,” he wrote. “F-ck y’all.”

Durant’s former teammate, Draymond Green, also had something to say about the photo, NBC Sports reports. On his own show, he shared some of his jokes on the matter.

“Jesus Christ, K. Bam sent me the picture and said, ‘There’s no way K is this ashy.’ And I said, ‘What the f-ck?’ And then I clicked on the link that Bam sent me. That wasn’t even ash. That was f-cking scales. It looked like you could go f-cking skin him like an alligator and take it to the store and sell it. That’s how bad it was,” he said.

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He added, “I have not talked to Kevin yet. I am looking forward to calling him today and getting his opinion. I know he’s going to say, ‘F-ck y’all. Why are you worried about my ankles?’ I already know what his response is going to be.”

Written by Alison Sullivan

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