Kendall Jenner Faces Cultural Appropriation Accuses Over New Tequila Brand

kendall jenner tequila

The new ad campaign for Kendall Jenner’s tequila company is turning heads and raising accusations of cultural appropriation.

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The videos feature quick clips of Jenner wandering through agave fields and riding on horseback before raising a glass of tequila to drink with the men working the fields. There are also a number of clips of the farmers in Jalisco, Mexico, who make everything happen.

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Jenner is facing backlash primarily for her look in the videos, which many are saying is her attempt at a “Mexican look” and accusing her of cultural appropriation in the process.

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Others are bashing Jenner for having her own tequila brand at all, insisting that in and of itself is cultural appropriation.

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Jenner, like everyone else in her family, is no stranger to getting criticized for just about everything she does, though some have pointed out that her ad may have actually been a response to previous criticism that her tequila brand wasn’t giving enough credit to the workers. 

And per TMZ, a number of male celebrities have also come out with tequila brands (and included similar imagery), without facing the same sort of backlash as Jenner.

However, despite a potential lack of consistency in criticisms, there are some points to be made.

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And some people just feel really strongly about not drinking Jenner’s tequila.

All the same, everything the Kardashian-Jenners do tends to make them even richer, so it seems unlikely that criticism, warranted or not, will cause much of a dent in 818’s bottom line. If a rich celebrity is pimping out a product, it won’t be long before it’s flying off those shelves.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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