Black Woman Says Airline Tried To Keep Her Off The Plane For “Obscene” Attire


A woman took to Twitter to share her dismal experience with Southwest Airlines after airline personnel insisted her clothing was inappropriate for wearing on a plane.

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Kayla Eubanks essentially live-tweeted the saga, which began when four workers at the check-in desk insisted they had an actual policy that would bar her from getting on the plane the way she was dressed, but, she says, they couldn’t find it.

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“It’s the way I’m being held at the gate for a policy they (the 4 workers) can not locate… it’s the way I’ve missed my boarding group,” she wrote.

And here’s the outfit she was wearing:

Everyone has different opinions as to what’s “appropriate attire” for flying, but there’s no denying that there’s always a wide variety of outfits at every airport at every time of day. While the ticketing agents that stopped Eubanks did so because they thought her clothing was “lewd, obscene and offensive,” most of us have likely seen people get on planes wearing clothes that are far more deserving of such descriptors.

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But the employees weren’t letting up, and reportedly held her at the gate for a full thirty minutes while they tried to find the dress code policy they claimed to be enforcing.

Eventually, the captain was even brought out to “mediate,” but seemed to not have a good grasp on why Eubanks wasn’t being let on the plane either.

Eubanks did eventually get on the flight, which she says was delayed due to all the shenanigans, but had to borrow a shirt from the actual captain of the plane to do so. 

After the plane landed, supervisors from Southwest stopped her to have a conversation about why she was told she had to cover up. But Eubanks still wasn’t having it, forcing a supervisor to actually attempt to explain how her clothing is inappropriate

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“Should I leave them at home?” she asks at one point, referring to her breasts. “I don’t understand how my body type is obscene.”

It’s unclear if the Southwest employees ever found the specific policy they were looking for, beyond simply claiming that Eubanks’ attire was “lewd, obscene and offensive,” though it seems unlikely.

However, helpful Twitter sleuths pulled up what references they could find to a dress code policy for the airline, and it turned out they only have one for people flying on a buddy pass (which Eubanks clarified she was not).

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And though responders were torn on whether her outfit was “appropriate” or not, many expressed support.

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There was also a fair amount of concern that Southwest was policing a Black woman’s body in a way that wouldn’t happen to men or white women.

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According to BuzzFeed News, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson apologized to Eubanks directly and issued a refund as a “gesture of goodwill.”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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