Kanye West Is Living At Mercedes-Benz Stadium While Finishing ‘Donda’ And He Loves It

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kanyewest/Instagram, Liam Goodner/Shutterstock

On July 22nd, Kanye West had a listening party for his upcoming album “Donda,” named after his beloved late mother. And then he didn’t release it.

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On the scale of strange Kanye behavior, this is barely a blip, but along with this news comes increasingly confirmed rumors that Kanye is living in Mercedes Benz Stadium as he completes his masterpiece. And he’s even confirming it himself with a series of Instagram posts.

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Like this one, which seems to show a little hotel room in a gym-type structure or massive stadium:

And himself squatting in the middle of the stadium. Do you think he set his iPhone on a timer or somebody else is living on the premises as his personal photographer?

And videos of fans who are cheering for the sporting event below, unaware they will soon be on Kanye West’s Instagram page:

And here he brings both themes together, wearing a Jersey with his mother’s name on it:

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At least we know he isn’t uncomfortable. Twitter was quick to react to Kanye’s spartan digs:

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“Kanye and team have created a studio space, living quarters and even have a chef to prepare his meals inside MBS,” TMZ said. When you put it like that, I might be willing to hole up in a stadium as well. It sounds surreal and fun, as long as you don’t have to deal with grocery shopping.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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