Billionaire Kanye West Admits To Bootlegging OnlyFans Content Off Reddit

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Musical artist Kanye West is wildly more successful than the vast majority of artists out there, but even as a billionaire, he can’t be unaware that ripping off people’s work is a big issue for folks making music. And yet, he doesn’t pay for the content made by people on OnlyFans, selling their work at mostly very reasonable prices.

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In an appearance on Revolt, Kanye admitted he knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he doesn’t care and keeps stealing OF content off Reddit.

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“I get my OnlyFans from Reddit. I bootleg the OnlyFans,” he said, laughing. “The audience are going to be so mad with me. ‘You as an artist! Would you want people to bootleg your sh-t?'”

There’s something very sad about the idea of Kanye West staying up late, cruising Reddit for fap material, but now I know for sure it really happens. He also says he DMs people because it makes him feel good to wake up to the responses. How is this man so rich and so sad?!

“We men lower our power for just… desire,” he said, getting philosophical about the pathetic nature of his behavior. “We just be horny. So then we’re going to text these girls and DMs and whatever…I know from being single for a bit. These Only Fans. They ain’t h–s. They just getting money. But it’s not about the money or the showing off. It’s about the attention.”

It’s a little bit about the money, and someone with West’s bank account should really be paying it.

He had more to say about the concept of “cancel culture,” which he definitely knows a lot about, having been a very public fan of Donald Trump. West was set off, it seems, by conversations about Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special The Closer.

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“Man, if they don’t get the fuck up outta here, bro,” he says. “Cancel what? What we cancelin’ out here? Man, enough of this sh-t already, boy! Y’all just wait until someone ain’t affecting the stock and you just take them out one by one to impose fear on anybody with freedom of thought. I smack the shi- out you when I see—don’t tell me what the fuck to do ever in your life, boy. None of y’all Hollywood plant-ass n—as tell none of us what we do. This our culture now. It’s up. You can’t cancel none of us.”

“And all of y’all scared n—as that’s runnin’ around doing what these Hollywood n—as tellin’ you to do? Fuck y’all, man! It’s up! Y’all either is about our culture that we grew up about, or you about yourself. Selfish, scared-ass house n—as. So they cancelin’ what?!”

No one is really canceling anyone, as West would know. Despite siding with the President of white supremacists he’s still getting interviews.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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