City Girls Rapper JT Is Defending Herself Over Unearthed Tweets About R. Kelly And More


As political correctness has shifted like tectonic plates over the past several years, more and more celebrities are now having to answer for problematic jokes and tweets from their past. This week, the ire of the internet settled on the rapper known as JT (real name Jatavia Shakara Johnson), who makes up one-half of Miami hip-hip duo City Girls. The ensuing fallout caused JT to delete her verified Twitter account, create a new one, and then eventually restore the original.

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The tweets in question dated back anywhere from three to seven years ago, and included colorful observations about everything from wanting to get raped by R. Kelly to transphobic tweets about Caitlin Jenner and that she should be, and we quote, "a fucking nazi." It didn't take long for screenshots of the offending tweets to circulate around Twitter, as you can see below.

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As her old tweets began to go viral, JT quickly deactivated her account and created a new one under the handle @fuckyallbitch11.

She also addressed the controversy in a series of Instagram Stories, with a screenshot of the new Twitter account along with a photo with the caption, "All my old tweets in that purse." In a third panel, she wrote, "Nah all jokes aside stop searching them tweets because I don't feel like slapping a bitch back into the same year I was talking about them in!"

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However, by Thursday afternoon JT had reactivated her main Twitter account, where she attempted to downplay the scandal even further in a series of tweets and retweets.

"Y’all kill me acting like Twitter was always woke," she wrote in one tweet, adding in another, "I been on here since 2011. If y’all wanna read my tweets from when I was mad getting off work that’s on y’all."

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The controversy will likely blow over, as controversy tends to do. But hopefully this will be a head's up to other up and coming artists to sort through old tweets—or else, someone else might beat you to it!


Written by Stacey

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