Jason Derulo Accused Of Fist-Fighting A Guy Who Mistook Him For Usher

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Pop music star Jason Derulo allegedly attacked two men on Tuesday morning at a hotel in Las Vegas. Why? Supposedly because they called him “Usher,” TMZ reports, which is objectively ridiculous to everyone except Jason Derulo.

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A video of the moment was captured by a bystander, and shows Derulo knocking over stanchions at the Aria Hotel to get to a guy who yelled, “Hey Usher! Fuck you, bitch!”

Another person is heard yelling, “Don’t touch my boy,” and Derulo appears to punch and tackle a man to the ground. He apparently slapped the second man. Others around them jump in to intervene in the fight, and security had to drag them apart. 

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The local police department told TMZ that officers reported to the scene, but no one has pressed charges. It is possible that these guys could go for some sort of lawsuit in the future, they have a year to decide. ARIA did give Derulo a trespassing notice and removed him from the property.

There were no hospital-grade injuries though some blood was spilled due to facial wounds on the other guys. Derulo seems to be fine. Except for everyone laughing about the situation.

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There has been no comment yet on the situation from either Jason Derulo or Usher.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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