Fans Think Jake Paul’s Fight Against Tyron Woodley Was Rigged After He Made A ‘Hand Gesture’ Just Before The Knockout

jake paul tyron woodley rigged

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley in a boxing match on Saturday, and some people think Paul paid Woodley to take a fall. In the Tampa fight, Paul won after hitting Woodley in the head in round six, sending the former UFC star to the ground. Moments before the stunning blow, Paul made a slight gesture that some are interpreting as a sign that it’s time for Woodley to throw the match.

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Watching the very slowed down moment, Paul’s right glove twists down like he is perhaps signaling Woodley—or rolling his wrists, however you choose to see it.

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The man who slowed down the moment wrote in a tweet, “Rigged? The twist of the hand to let him know it’s time to flop?”

The most convincing argument in favor of it being a rigged moment is simply that Woodley practically drops his arms just so Paul can get a hit in, and the man is a professional fighter. Taking that hit so squarely is a very rookie move.

The other argument for it is that these fights make a whole lot of money, and most of the opponents facing the Paul brothers have lost…and taken home a huge bag for participating. People keep tuning in because they want to see these idiots get annihilated, but it just makes them a crap ton of cash and even the defeated person makes bank.

But there are plenty of people defending Paul and saying that the people claiming the match was rigged just don’t get boxing.

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It’s a contentious argument because the Daily Mail reports that Woodley was accused of not really trying to win his first fight against Paul back in August, went Paul was awarded victory after multiple rounds with no clear winner. In particular, Woodley held back in a ket moment when Paul was vulnerable in round four, which seemed questionable given his goal was to win.

Woodley fought Paul in Tampa as a last-minute replacement for Tommy Fury, who had to pull out due to a chest infection and a broken rib. He couldn’t turn down an opportunity when he saw one, whatever kind of opportunity it is, exactly.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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