Jake Paul Is Trolling Floyd Mayweather Online After They Scuffled

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Jake Paul has been making the rounds, beating up professional fighters in exchange for money, but his brother Logan Paul is set to fight 44-year-old Floyd Mayweather next month. This is right after Jake Paul’s win against MMA fighter Ben Askren, a fight that was mostly interesting because host Pete Davidson made the whole thing incredibly awkward.

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It seems like Jake doesn’t like the idea of the attention switching to Logan, because he got into a scrap with Mayweather this week first.

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On Thursday, ESPN reports that the two met at an event planned to promote the future fight, and Jake got heated because Mayweather said that the boys were “fake fighters” and he could take them both on at once. In a crowded space, Jake snatched off Mayweather’s hat. This is now the basis of Jake Paul’s personality and media presence:

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He even changed his name on Twitter to “GOTCHA HAT” which is more sad than anything else:

He also tweeted he had been wanting some action, which is why he got into it with Mayweather:

On the bright side, it sounds like a security guard punched him in the face. Mayweather, however, is not amused.

“It’s one thing to sell a fight, and people can say what they want, but one thing no one is going to do is disrespect me,” said Mayweather, so I guess stealing someone’s hat is considered pretty disrespectful.

It’s hard to root for anyone in this situation, but I would like for Jake Paul and Logan Paul to get a new hobby. So, let’s hope they both fall into a pit on their way to the arena next month or something.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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