Repairman Finds Note Inside iPhone From Cheating Husband Asking Him To Pretend Its Unfixable


An iPhone repairman had some tough choices to make after he found himself in the middle of relationship drama over a broken phone.

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Mani Warda shared video to TikTok last month of a broken phone that was brought into his shop by a husband and wife. But when he went to go fix it, he discovered a note physically hidden within the phone itself.

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“Please tell my wife the phone is unfixable, she want to check the call history,” the note read. 

A crisp $100 bill was stashed alongside it, which the note said was for Warda to keep.

Warda asked his TikTok viewers what they thought he should do — if he should keep the money or tell the wife about the shadiness going on — but his own conscience ultimately made the choice for him.

A follow-up video showed that the wife came back early, alone, to check on the state of the phone.

“I didn’t fix it ‘cause I opened it, and this is what was inside,” he said, handing the phone over to the woman with the note fully on display. “I don’t want nothing to do with it. I don’t want you guys to get me involved in this.”

“Are you f—ing serious?!” the woman exclaims off-screen after reading the note. “He think he’s so f—ing slick. He paid you $100 to keep it broke? I’mma pay you $200 to get it fixed. I want it fixed. I wanna see what he been f—ing doing.”

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Reply to @itsmaryyy24 Here’s part2 everyone was asking for.. #cheaters #rs #fyp #xyzbca

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Warda ultimately agreed to fix the phone, though he has yet to upload what he deems “part 3” of the saga, presumably in which the woman picked up the repaired phone for real.

He did, however, share “part 4,” showing the husband coming back for the phone and discovering his plans to fool his wife had been foiled.

The man asks for his phone back, and Warda asks him which phone it is he’s picking up.

“You know what phone, man. I left a note in that b—ch,” says the guy, making it even easier for everyone to take the wife’s side in this dispute. “I think your wife picked it up,” Warda tells him.

The man quickly becomes irate, again reminding Warda of the note and the money.

“I know you, she don’t know you. I gave you the money, man,” the customer replies.

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“I can’t do that, bro,” Warda says, just as the man starts picking things up and throwing them at him, breaking the spit guards he had in place due to the pandemic.

The video ends with Warda leaping over the counter to stop the man from doing further damage.


Reply to @garciaaz0111 you guys should see what he did to the store!! This is pt4 and will post pt3 of the wife soon #crazybf #cheater #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Maniwarda 👑

Another video shows Warda saying that he’s fine, but he had to call the cops and hand over security footage thanks to the damage the man did to his store. 

Viewers are split in their response to the whole situation, and Warda says a lot of men have sent him messages calling him a “snitch” and saying he should have gone along with the husband’s attempt to keep his call log from his wife.

“I was raised by a woman! Raised to be respectful and honest!” he wrote in response. “One more thing boy code is for kids! I’m a grown man! I’m not waiting for a 12-year-old boy to tell me about a guy code!”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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