Interracial Couple’s Slavery-Themed Wedding Photoshoot Goes Viral


The romanticization of plantation weddings has been hotly debated, particularly over the last few years, due to the obvious racist symbolism of the location. 

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But one interracial couple apparently didn’t get the memo, and stepped things up a whole bunch of notches with a photoshoot set to invoke plantation life—complete with the Black fiancé posing as a slave.

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The photos appear to have originally been posted to Instagram, although the exact origin wasn’t immediately clear. But they soon started circulating across all social media platforms and people were FLOORED.

The series of pictures start out featuring the Black man dressed as a slave, complete with chains wrapped around his wrists and show him strolling through a sugarcane field with his fiancée, kissing her hand in a subjugated pose in one photo and watching her fiddle with the chains in another.

The final photo in the set of four shows the man dressed up and standing tall in his lover’s embrace.

“1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stranger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family…” reads the caption, followed by a white heart.

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Considering that racism and oppression against Black people is still going strong in the United States to this day—ending slavery didn’t end the accompanying prejudice—people couldn’t figure out why this man would subject himself to this kind of twisted cosplay.

The whole thing is just pretty appalling.

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Perhaps the worst part is the note on Instagram that these photos were “part 2” of the posts. The originals don’t seem to have made their way into circulation yet but there is simply no way they aren’t even worse.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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