Iggy Azalea Put All The Famous, Thirsty Guys In Her DMs On Blast

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There’s a lot of opinions out there about Iggy Azalea, but a lot of people would probably agree she is an attractive woman. She was also most famous during formative years for a number of adult men who have apparently fixated on her sexually, because they will not leave her alone.

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Iggy doesn’t want to stay friends with the guys messaging her based on the fact that she called them “uglies.”

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In a TikTok, Iggy dances in front of a series of screenshots from men who are almost all verified with millions and millions of followers.

She does them the courtesy of blocking their names, so the whole world won’t know exactly who she thinks is ugly. But I bet there are some Instagram detectives out there who will figure some of them out.

“ha ha ha as if!?!?!,” she wrote in the caption, with an upside-down smiling emoji. “stay outta my DMs uglies.”

Here’s someone with 27 million followers who wants to kiss her in a very specific place:

Someone who still uses the term bootylicious, so he’s gotta be a millennial:

Someone who starts out friendly and then gets critical when ignored:

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An offer of marriage and toe massage from this guy:

Someone with 12 million followers who is dreaming of Iggy:

A guy with almost nine million followers offering her money just to talk to him over the phone!

Simple and direct:

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This guy tried mentioning her in a story first, which is just sad:

Ultimately, they all seem to want the same thing:

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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