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Ice Cube Claps Back At Eric Trump Over Doctored Photo With 50 Cent

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Politics makes for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes, which is perhaps why 50 Cent and Ice Cube were recently revealed to be in support of, and ostensibly working with President Donald Trump, respectively. But when Eric Trump shared an altered photo of the two rappers made to look like they were wearing MAGA hats—it was a bridge too far, for Ice Cube, anyway.

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“WHAT THE F***! (VOTE for TRUMP) I’M OUT, 50 Cent wrote on Instagram this week, sharing a cable news graphic of the top tax rates by state under former Vice President Joe Biden’s plan. “I don’t care Trump doesn’t like black people 62 percent are you out of ya f***ing mind.”

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Meanwhile, Ice Cube had taken some heat after it was reported that he had been in talks with the Trump administration over his Contract With Black America plan, which he had released earlier this year to address racial inequality.

He later revealed in a CNN interview that both the Trump and Biden campaigns had reached out to him to discuss Contract with Black America. However, Biden’s campaign preferred to wait until after the election to dig in—which is understandable, since obviously nothing is set in stone yet.

“I’m not playing no more of these political games, we’re not part of a team,” Cube told CNN. “So I’m going to whoever’s in power and I’m going to speak to them about our problems, specifically. I’m not going in there talking about minorities, I’m not going in there talking about people of color or diversity or none of that stuff. I’m going there for Black Americans, the ones who are descendants of slaves.”

So one can imagine how the tweet from Eric Trump did not go over so great with the Friday writer and actor. “Two great, courageous Americans!” tweeted Trump, along with the image, which Twitter flagged as “manipulated media.”

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ice cube

But the president’s middle son quickly deleted the tweet after Cube fired back with a succinct response.

ice cube

Cube had actually tweeted the unaltered photo of the two friends on 50 Cent’s birthday back in July. As you can see in the original tweet, it’s quite clear that neither men were wearing MAGA hats.

It’s unclear whether this will have an effect on Cube’s dealings with the Trump administration going forward. But depending what happens on November 3, the point might be moot anyway.

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