Howard Stern Rips Into Aaron Rodgers Over Lying About Being Vaccinated

howard stern aaron rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers has drawn the ire of many people after he misled everyone about his vaccination status, and Howard Stern is the latest to offer up criticisms.

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“I was so worked up over the weekend about this f—king Aaron Rodgers of the NFL,” Stern said on his Monday morning show. “I know the guy’s a real good football player, that’s why they put up with his bullsh*t.”

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In August, Rodgers was asked by the press if he was vaccinated, and he responded, “Yeah, I’ve been immunized.” 

It turns out that was wording that should have been examined more closely, as Rodgers, it turns out, was not vaccinated at all, and tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Since the news broke, he has faced a wave of criticism from people who felt he lied to the public, acted irresponsibly, and is now spreading misinformation about vaccines and homeopathic treatments — which absolutely do not provide protection against COVID the way vaccines do.

“If there was decency in this world, I would throw this guy out of the football league so fast, what he did to his fellow teammates…but this fucking guy, they should throw him out of the league so fast,” Stern ranted.

He also suggested that the next time Rodgers gets injured on the field, he should have to be treated by Joe Rogan. Rodgers has stated that he is currently being advised by Rogan on COVID treatment, rather than any actual doctors or scientists.

While anti-vaxxers and conservatives have picked up on Stern’s rant and predictably condemned it, others seem inclined to agree with him.

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“He’s a f—king liar and he could’ve destroyed a lot of people,” Stern said.

In the same show, he also laid into a caller who was against vaccine mandates, noting that when it comes to getting vaccinated about COVID, “we’re talking about life and death here.”

“”This isn’t some game we’re playing. People are dropping dead. People can’t function in society because of this.”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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