An MMA Fighter Claims He Swerved A Hooters Waitress— But She Sets The Record Straight


Mixed Martial Arts fighter Kareem Kobe Kline has deleted an Instagram post that went viral in which a Hooters waitress taps him on the shoulder to get his attention, then hands him a slip of paper, The Daily Dot reports. He takes the paper as she smiles at him. He captioned the clip, “I’m here for business. Shorty gave me her number, but I’m a #manonamission.”

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First of all, even if she had given him her number, this is a stupid thing to brag about. If you’re too busy to go out with someone friendly and cute, you should be too busy to try and embarrass them for shooting their shot on Instagram. But the big issue is that SHE DIDN’T GIVE HIM HER NUMBER!

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The waitress, Abby Skelly, also saw the Instagram post, and she turned it into a TikTok that has been viewed now over a million times. She showed a second of the Insta clip, then herself looking disgusted over the comments, then lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj’s song “Grindin Freestyle,” mouthing the verse, “Dang, lil mama, you is such a loser.”

She captioned her TikTok, “When men try to get clout by saying they curved you but you were really just doing ur job.”


When men try to get clout by saying they curved you but you were really just doing ur job???? #greenscreenvideo

♬ LOSER – da big crybaby.
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She also added in a comment, “A smile does not always translate to expressing interest! I just enjoy my job and interacting with my customers.”


Before he deleted his Instagram post, Kline apparently updated the caption because people who viewed Skelly’s TikTok were pouring in to comment on it.

“Welcome TikTokers … Y’all so pathetic, you took time out of your day, to look me up, and comment on my profile, get a life,” Kline wrote. Um, take your own advice?!

He told the Daily Dot that he thinks the video is only getting attention because he is shirtless. “Let this girl get her 10 seconds of feeling important. I’m a professional fighter, she works at Hooters,” Kline said. “Also when did I say I curved her? I said I was there for business lol.”

You said she gave you her number? The Internet remembers, even if Kline does not.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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