Realtors’ Convention Breaks Out In Massive Brawl At Harrah’s Casino

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A viral video shows dozens of people in the food court at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City getting sucked into a wild brawl. ABC 6 reports no charges were filed in regards to the Tuesday night incident, which involved members of a realtors convention being held at the casino.

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A witness named Minh Nguyen told reporters that he was close to the area when the violence broke out, and he had to jump in to help people out of the fray.

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“There was a lot of physical violence,” said Nguyen. “There was a chair that was smashed against someone. Someone threw punches, there were sucker punches. We had to jump the railing and I helped my friend down. There was physical violence happening inside and outside the food court.”

The event said to be associated with the fight was REALTORS Triple Play Convention and Trade Expo. The organization put out an official statement on the matter, saying that the incident was not “affiliated with any official TriplePlay events.” Good to know! Glad this wasn’t sanctioned by the organization to hit someone on the head with a chair.

Harrah’s is not the convention’s headquarters, just where a bunch of its members ended up somehow. Atlantic City police responded to the incident around 3 a.m. Wednesday, but no one wanted to sign a criminal complaint —though watching the video, it definitely seems like some people were engaged in criminal activities.

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One person at the scene was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, but no other issues were reported.

Written by Alison Sullivan


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