Woman Finally Catches Gym Instructor Groping Her—And Gets Him Fired

Woman Finally Catches Gym Instructor Groping Her—And Gets Him Fired

You know what you definitely shouldn’t do at the gym? Touch someone’s butt. But one TikToker who was filming her workout experienced that harassment while at the gym—and she made the incident public after feeling like no one was taking her seriously.

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Twenty-two-year-old @fernvillaceran was filming a video for her account when the camera captured a guy behind her touching her butt while she was exercising.

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She shared the video with the caption, “This dumbass touches my booty, he didn’t know that I’m filming.”

“Please idk what to do,” Fern wrote, explaining that the sexual harasser is “always doing this.”

In followup videos, Fern said that she has been allegedly harassed by this same man at the gym and that he actually works there.


caught in 4k📷 please idk what to do, he always doing this :/ #fyp #gym #rude #gymstaff

♬ original sound – Fern🦋 – Fern🦋

Fern also added that she talked to the owner, but it “wasn’t enough.”

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People came forward to share that inappropriate is unfortunately really common at the gym, and that Fern’s problem is a problem many women experience.

According to an update on Fern’s TikTok, it seems that gym management finally did hear her—and the man has been fired.


Guys, the gym is not a place to touch folks without their consent. Go, do whatever workout you do, and keep your hands to yourselves!

Featured Image: TikTok

Written by Patricia Grisafi

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