Guy Pretends Lamborghini Belongs To Him To Impress Girl—She Plays Along, Then Unlocks It And Gets In

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This TikTok posted by user @babyjayb has a lot of people crowing over a man’s humiliation, as many popular TikToks do, but it’s leaving me torn. In the clip, a guy hanging out in a parking lot gets approached by a woman, who asks him about the very expensive Lamborghini he’s standing in front of, wondering if he’s the owner.

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When he says yes, she turns and hits the key lock. The Lambo beeps and she gets inside as he takes out his iPhone to play around with.

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The black matte Lamborghini definitely stands out in that parking lot, clearly the most expensive car there, and I’m not surprised this random dude was checking it out. I’m also not surprised that he took the opportunity to pretend for a minute that it was his to a woman who might be impressed.

Here she is interrogating him:


Here’s the car lighting up as it’s unlocked:


And here she is getting into the car as he fumbles to recover mentally and emotionally:

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The text overlay explains the situation, but we really can’t hear them, though the poster did share their brief conversation:


What’s kind of hilarious is that this Lamborghini actually DOES NOT belong to the woman in the TikTok. She writes in the caption, “Disclaimer: my friends lambo.”

Okay, so what exactly are we proving here? That everyone will pretend they own a Lamborghini if given the chance? Lots of people are still making fun of the guy for being poor, or whatever, but unless he was charging people to take a photo on the hood, he wasn’t really a threat to this rich person’s fancy automobile. Just let the man live in fantasy for a minute, life is hard enough.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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