Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Was Finally Able To Cut Off Her Ponytail

gorilla glue girl

It wasn’t long ago that “Gorilla Glue Girl” captivated the internet by admitting she had used Gorilla Glue—an actual extreme strength glue product—to style her hair after she ran out of her usual product. And now we finally have a new update to the saga.

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Tessica Brown told TikTok viewers that her hair had been stuck in the same style for a month without even the slightest hint that it was loosening up, resulting in a viral story that was so outrageous it was almost difficult to believe.

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People offered up all sorts of suggestions. Even Gorilla Glue chimed in with a remedy, but added that since it had already been a month, Brown might be out of luck.

She eventually posted an update from the emergency room, where she reportedly spent almost a full day hoping that doctors and nurses could help find a way out of her sticky situation.

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Unfortunately, they were unable to free her hair from its prison.

The next step was for Brown’s hairdresser to cut off her ponytail in the hopes that they would be better able to access the scalp from a place that wasn’t already surrounded by glue.

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They used “Goof Off” to try to loosen things up, and while the hairdresser was able to cut the ponytail off, the progress stopped there.

Now, Brown says she is on her way to Los Angeles to see a plastic surgeon who believes he can “dissolve” the glue in her hair and has offered to help her out for free.

Brown has garnered both sympathy and scorn for her calamitous mistake, with people all over the world keeping apprised of the situation. 

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Brown has also started a GoFundMe for any expenses incurred regarding her desperate attempt to get rid of this glue once and for all. It has currently raised over $18,000.


Written by Rachel Kiley

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