TikToker Catches Abusive Boyfriend Googling How To Poison Someone


In a series of disturbing videos, a TikToker named @jojo_xoxox101 has been documenting her boyfriend’s alleged abuse. Be warned, they’re pretty upsetting, especially for anyone who may have experienced the extended violence and harassment she has accused him of.

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But the video that has gained the most attention is one she posted on October 6th, which seems to show him Googling how to poison someone.

In the TikTok video, she has zoomed in on his phone in what seems to be a dark room. The focus goes in and out, but at certain points, it’s clear he is searching info on poisoning on his cracked phone, and he seems to be trying to disguise this with his hand.

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“When your abusive ‘boyfriend’ you can’t get away from is hiding on his phone,” she writes over it in text. “So you record and zoom in to see him googling this.”

The comments are full of people telling her to call the police, saying she should leave, accusing her of not wanting to leave, and praying she’s okay. One person event said her abusive ex did manage to poison her—she survived, but her cats did not.

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The woman has posted several other TikToks of her boyfriend kicking her door, and seemingly keeping her up all night with accusations so she is sleep deprived and vulnerable.

As many commenters pointed out in response to the negative attention the TikTok was getting, it’s not always easy or even possible to leave someone who is abusing you. You may not have financial or social resources to exit a relationship, especially if you’re living together.

Leaving also doesn’t guarantee an end to violence, as leaving can be the most dangerous moment in an abusive relationship. Judgment is the last thing someone in this situation needs.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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