Funk Flex Said Cardi B Is a “Terrible Rapper”

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DJ and famed Hot 97 host Funk Flex is probably a good authority on what quality rapping sounds like, but his opinion on Cardi B is still pretty harsh. During an episode of the podcast Cigar Talk, he basically said her music sucks, HipHopDX reports.

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Funk Flex had a lot of qualifiers on his statements though, probably knowing deep down he was about to start a wild debate on social media.

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“I do think Cardi B is a terrible rapper, my n-gga, I just do, man,” he laughingly told podcast host Najichill. “She’s an amazing entertainer, I love her on social media, I love the way she talks about a subject, I like her whole swag, I like everything. She’s a terrible rapper, man. I don’t know.”

“Even if somebody wrote, those aren’t good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars! Is nobody gonna f–king say it?”

If Cardi B does buy all her music and can’t recognize quality, she sure can recognize a hit. Much of her music stays on chart lists for months. Her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy was number one on the Billboard 200 and her songs have broken streaming records.

Artists are notoriously sensitive, so I’m guessing she will be pissed if she hears Funk Flex’s comments. If I were her I’d take a money bath instead.

But the arguments are happening on Twitter already, so she’s bound to see it all:

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Funk Flex hasn’t liked Cardi B since her first album. At the time, HipHopDX reports he criticized her on an Instagram live video, saying, “Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her sh-t. I can’t stand rappers who don’t write they sh-t! “

He also accused her of paying for people to play her songs on the radio. Funk Flex simply does not like her, whatever he says about her swag. He also claimed that Nicki Minaj uses ghostwriters in 2017. The man has a pattern, can you figure it out?

Written by Alison Sullivan

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