Video: Florida Man Traps Alligator In Trash Can Without Dying

Most of us have probably trapped something creepy and/or crawly under a cup or some other little container in our lifetimes. You donโ€™t always know how else to deal with that spider or that mouse or even that snake. But one man super-sized that idea when he needed to figure out what to do with an alligator in his community.

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Abdul Gene Malik shared video of him standing off against the terrifying reptile, which had wandered into his neighborhood in Mount Dora, Florida. The only thing between them was a large, open trash bin that Malik kept pushing forward, trying to coax the beast into entering it so he could trap it.

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Friends watched off from the side and filmed the insane stunt, ready to warn Malik if the alligator wisened up and tried to dart around the side of the bin to attack.

Fortunately, that didnโ€™t happen, but the tense face off did take a slightly harrowing turn when Malik finally just charged gator. He was able to get it partially into the bin and eventually tipped it up to keep the animal inside, even as it continued thrashing.

The dangerous foray into wildlife management shocked internet viewers, many of whom were just relieved that story ended without anyone getting eaten alive on camera.

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But Floridians werenโ€™t in agreement as to whether this was the best way to handle things or not.

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But most just cut the tension with jokes โ€” which are much needed for anyone who sat through wondering how Malikโ€™s tangle with the alligator was going to play out.

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But the main takeaway, all things considered, is probably this:

Written by Rachel Kiley

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