19 Tweets Clowning Flo Milli’s Embarrassing Commercial For Beats

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A commercial has to convey so much: what the product is, why it’s cool, and apparently now entire social movements.

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Beats Flex released a commercial featuring Alabama rapper Flo Milli and the message conveyed is confusing everyone.

In the short clip, Flo Milli gets out of her giant SUV (not wearing a mask, though her driver is), and then wanders over to a statue.

A close up shows that the statue is of a Confederate soldier or officer. The issue of Confederate monuments still standing all across the U.S. has been extremely contentious, and many of them were removed or torn down this summer when the murder of George Floyd caused a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter protests in every state.

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The commercial seems to be trying to borrow the actions and images of activists to sell headphones. When Flo Milli reaches the statue, she laughs, then dances in front of it, and the words “Flex on that clapback” appear.

The Daily Dot reports that the commercial has only recently started to go viral, though it was posted in November by wardrobe stylist Vincent Smith.

There’s a lot of stuff people don’t get about what exactly this commercial is trying to say, but the weird slogan is getting particular attention for sounding like ad guy nonsense:

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People don’t seem mad at Flo Milli, even if she is the star of this bizarre short. She wasn’t the director, and probably had no idea how the final product would read. Also, money is money. But they will make fun of the whole thing, because it’s pretty manipulative:

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Flo Milli, everyone’s on your side. Enjoy that check.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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