Mom Tests Dad By Handing Him A Fake Baby To See If He Notices (He Doesn’t)

fake baby tiktok

This viral video shows why married couples get into fights over video games. Originally posted by @kristy.sarah on Instagram, and then on Twitter by @_didAYEsaythat, it shows a little experiment about childcare and how it meshes with certain hobbies.

In the video, Kristy Sarah says she’s going to switch out her baby with a doll and see how long it takes her husband to notice the difference when she asks him to hold their kid for a second.

Here’s the adorable baby:

Now here’s the doll, which isn’t such a bad likeness:

But still, it’s a doll! you’d think he’s noticed that the body he’s holding isn’t warm, making any noise, or moving around at all. He doesn’t.

The video cuts to check on the dad holding his infant as he plays every few minutes:

Until FINALLY, the mom loses it and tells her husband to look at their son. He does and realizing it’s a doll, he absolutely loses it. The noise that comes out of him almost makes up for the fact he can’t tell a baby from an inanimate object.

People were either very tickled or very concerned:

Truthfully, this would make me hesitant to leave a baby alone with my husband. On the other hand, he can never say he’s not really distracted during video games again.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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