Rapper Dusty Locane Accused of Stealing Pop Smoke’s Style After Releasing “Rolando”

Twitter: @BigHaSqueen

New York rapper Dusty Locane just released his new single “Rolando,” along with a music video on YouTube.

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Monsters&Critics reports that’s where arguments over Locane’s style first broke out, as fans began to accuse him of stealing the cadence, voice, and mannerisms of the late rapper Pop Smoke, who died in early 2020.

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Pop Smoke was born and raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and some commenters have said that the similarity of their music can be attributed to regional style and accent.

Others are just mad about it, suggesting that Locane is doing it deliberately for attention and to pin himself to a much more successful rapper.

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Other people are having a much more positive response. They loved Pop Smoke, and now they have a new musician to follow who seems to be carrying the torch. Dusty Locane sounds great:

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In the debate, a rumor started that Locane and Pop were literal cousins.

For some, that would excuse the similarities and turn it into a tribute instead of outright thievery. This seems to be a misconception about the meaning of the word “cousin” in gang terminology. They did know each other and are both supposedly affiliated with the Crips.

Pop Smoke’s brother also clarified that they are in no way related:

“I’ve never seen him a day in my life,” he says. “He kinda look like us, that’s the crazy thing.”

He also responds to a commenter who says he should lay off on Dusty, saying he never “talks sh-t” about anybody and he understands what it means to grind. He just wants people to “do the right thing.”

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That could be interpreted in a bunch of different ways, but it seems like he is gonna let Dusty Locane do what Dusty Locane is gonna do.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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