Tom Brady Got Lost In The Sauce And Tossed His Super Bowl Trophy

drunk tom brady

On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl. If you ask most Floridians who won, though, they’d probably say “Tom Brady” who seems to win for whatever team he’s playing.

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It probably takes a lot of focus and work to be that good at football, which is why it's unusual to see Brady cut loose.

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Well, he gave us all a glimpse into what a wild Tom Brady looks like, and it ends with a trophy toss.

TMZ provided breathless coverage hour by hour of Brady's descent into frat boy madness.

This year's Super Bowl win celebration was held on the Hillsborough River in an attempt to limit contact in a time of COVID-19. Brady was on his multi-million dollar boat, Viva a Vida.

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By about 11:30 am, Brady was really in the swing of things and he swung the Lombardi Trophy from his boat to his teammates across the river. It would be a better story if it fell into the deep waters of the river and gave a manatee a concussion, but his teammates are good at catching stuff.

The trophy was saved from Tom's foolery:

By around one pm, Brady's whole demeanor was overboard. He should have been hydrating better!

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Let the man have a good time, as long as he doesn't fall off the boat.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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