Everyone’s Sharing Their “Dream Blunt Rotation” If You Need Ideas

dream blunt rotation, dream blunt rotation meme

Will we ever puff and pass again? Give me hope, vaccine. If I can’t suck on someone else’s spit again soon I’m gonna blow.

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Twitter is already fantasizing about the next time they’re at a party and able to offer somebody a joint, or more likely, get in rotation for one. Even better, they can fantasize about exactly who they will be smoking with.

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The new meme is sharing your “dream blunt rotation.”

Some people seem to be sincerely choosing who they’d like to smoke with for a good time, some people seem like they’re already high, and everyone seems to be obsessed with Seth Rogen. Say what you want, but the man knows how to brand himself.

Here are some ideas for whenever we can have parties again—hang in there, the wait is worth it.

  1. The League of Evil

2. McLovin and some cops from Superbad

3. I see no pattern here

4. Or here

5. The cast of That 70s Show

6. Pixar and Seth Rogen

7. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (to smoke with these terrifying puppets)

8. The best of Napoleon Dynamite

9. This is mine, too:

10. Some frightening clowns

Written by Alison Sullivan

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