‘Really Classy’—Klay Thompson, Draymond Green’s Wife Slam Celtics Fans For Chanting ‘F–k You Draymond’

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Neither Klay Thompson nor Hazel Renee, Draymond Green’s wife, are impressed by the Boston Celtics fans’ antics following Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Over the course of the game on Wednesday, Celtics fans led a number of chants against the Warriors, one of which was, “F-ck you Draymond.” 

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The chants were so obnoxious that even game announcer Mike Breen made mention of it on air, saying, “And Draymond Green hearing it from the crowd with an obscene chant.”

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Thompson took the time in his post-game interview to call out the Celtics fans who participated in the chant, though he said the chant was “not a factor” in his gameplay.

“We’ve played in front of rude people before, dropping f-bombs with children in the crowd,” he said. “Real classy. Good job, Boston.”

Head coach Steve Kerr concurred with Thompson, sarcastically calling the supposed fans “classy.”

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Meanwhile, Draymond Green’s wife Hazel Renee put the chanting Celtics fans on blast on her Instagram Stories.

“Tough loss tonight BUT in NO WAY, shape or form should fans be allowed to chant obscenities at players!” she wrote. “Are they not human? Is someone standing at your job saying off the wall things to you? The @nba has the audacity to have a whole code of conduct card at every seat about fans and their behavior and how they could be ejected from a a game or banned but a whole crowd/section/numerous people get to chant F***K YOU DRAMOND or call him a B**** or MF?! And nothing~?? Like That’s ok?! @warriors fans would NEVER!! My kids were at the game tonight hearing that mess!! Very DISGUSTING of you little @celtics fans. Just shameful!” 


According to CBS News, however, Green said that the chants did not affect him during the game, and that they didn’t bother him in the slightest.

“I embrace it. I enjoy it,” he said in the post-game interview. “I didn’t really feed off of it tonight. I don’t think I fed off much tonight. But yeah, that’s something that I enjoy. Waste a lot of energy talking to me, so it’s great. It’s great. Looking forward to Friday.”

Written by Anna Good

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