Fans Think Drake Threw Shade At Khloe Kardashian By Including Tristan Thompson In New Music Video Where He Marries 23 Women


Drake’s newest album “Honestly, Nevermind” was a surprise drop, and his recently-released music video for the track “Falling Back” has left some fans scratching their heads at the appearance of none other than Tristan Thompson.

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The professional basketball player is good friends with Drake, and was in the media headlines for an entirely different reason up until this point due to his nasty breakup with Khloe Kardashian.

The season finale of The Kardashians aired last week on June 16 and showed audiences Khloe’s real-time reaction to the news of Thompson’s paternity scandal, which was revealed by her sister Kim.

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Fans are speculating about the imagery of the story told in Drake’s latest music video, where Thompson plays his best man as he gets married to 23 smiling and excited brides. People have commented that they wonder how Khloe feels watching the scene, which to an outside observer seems like a slap in the face given Thompson’s history of cheating on Khloe.

That being said, everything about the symbolism of the video is pure speculation. However, the coincidence is too strong to be overlooked.

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Drake and the NBA player have been friends for a long while. Drake is known to be a huge fan of basketball and is a regular on the courtside of many of Thompson’s games. 

The pair have regularly partied and hung out together, but Drake also found himself sucked up in Thompson’s cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods.

After one of Drake’s concerts, the rapper posted a series of photos of him and Thompson partying together. Following the events of the photos, Thompson got involved with Jordyn Woods.

After Thompson royally screwed up his relationship, he allegedly went to Drake for help getting Khloe to take him back.

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The music video may not have been the smartest move for a guy trying to mend his relationship after getting caught cheating…again.

Written by Anna Good

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