DJ Khaled And Fat Joe Are Starting An OnlyFans Together


Fat Joe and DJ Khaled have joined forces to start up a joint OnlyFans account, as 2021 yet again tells 2020 to hold its beer.

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Their page will be dedicated to “exclusive motivational and inspirational content,” which they plan to use to guide fans to “the light” and shed insight on their personal lives.

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An Instagram post promoting the launch features Khaled and Joe playing basketball and suggests that they’ll be posting a rematch on their OF when it goes live on January 25.

Celebrities have been flocking to OnlyFans during the pandemic, looking for new ways to “connect with fans” aka make money. 

It’s caused a number of problems for long time users of the site as the platform ends up shifting rules to accommodate its new clientele — like after Bella Thorne insinuated she had nudes for sale and hoards of angry fans demanded refunds when it turned out not to be the case.

It’s also marked a shift in what sort of content is hosted on OnlyFans. 

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The site has predominantly been used by sex workers who rely on it for a steady income. But celebrities jumping in have been using it for anything they want, simply because they can, rather than going to a similar site like Patreon. After all, if a person says they have an OnlyFans account, it insinuates to their devoted following that they may eventually get something a little naughtier than they would from any other social media site — even if they never will.

And the idea of DJ Khaled and Fat Joe in particular not only starting an OnlyFans, but a joint one, is just going down a little weird.

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You can check out their page here, if that’s something you feel would bring joy into your life.


Written by Rachel Kiley

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