Women Try To Dine And Ditch But Karma Catches Up When They Realize They Left Their Keys Behind


A group of friends who tried to skip out on their bill at a restaurant were hit with an instant blast of karma once they discovered they’d seriously bungled their crime.

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Apparently, after they dined and tried to ditch, one of them realized they had left something important behind—their keys.

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A customer at a nearby table recorded the foursome strolling back to the outdoor seating area, clearly hoping they could locate the keys on their own before anyone realized they were there. But the waitress spotted them and brought the check right over, asking if they were finally ready to pay the bill.

The customer recording and his friends are laughing their heads off when one of the women finally realizes they’re on camera and tries to call him out for it.

“Not y’all recording?” she calls out.

“Y’all shouldn’t have walked out! Pay your bills!” one of the group replies.

“Yeah, y’all left them keys!” another shouts back. “World’s dumbest criminals.”

Folks on social media never have much sympathy for people trying to screw over service workers, and they certainly didn’t make an exception for these women.

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“I’d be so embarrassed if my friends did this. I’m paying the bills and cutting everyone off,” one TikTok user commented.

Another added that he “would love to hear the conversation at that car when they realized they didn’t have the keys.”

Redditors were particularly frustrated at the women’s attitudes after they got caught, noting that at least one of them was laughing while sitting down to finally pay her portion of the bill. 

And far too many who had worked as servers themselves said they saw this kind of thing happen all the time.

“They bailed after requesting separate checks,” u/ganymede_boy pointed out. “This was not their first time dine & ditching.”

Written by Rachel Kiley

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