Devin Booker Tracks Down, DMs Fan Who Fought A Nuggets Fan For Him

devin booker suns fan

Whoever told you that randomly getting into drunken fights at sporting events is a bad idea was absolutely LYING, because a man named Nick McKellar is having his moment in the sun after his brawl went viral. He was even noticed by the NBA’s Devin Booker, who went searching for him on social media.

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The physical altercation took place during Game 3 of the Suns-Nuggets second-round playoff series in Denver last Friday, The New York Post reports. McKellar is a vocal Suns fan. So vocal, in fact, that he started yelling in the face of a Denver Nuggets fan, holding up four fingers and stating over and over, “Suns in four!” This was after a few punches, so it really landed.

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The Suns did have a 125-118 Game 4 win that Sunday, so McKellar is some sort of sorcerer. Devin Booker was supposedly completely enchanted and started looking for the guy, tweeting, “Need mans info” with a screenshot of the famous hand gesture.

After he was ID’d, Bro Bible reports that Booker seems to have followed him on Instagram, and called him a “legend.”

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They even exchanged DMs, which is as intimate as you can get with a celebrity, and actually seems embarrassed by the fighting, though it’s made him famous:


So you gotta wonder, does this mean season tickets? At least one game should be comped, in my opinion. This McKellar has powers. Use them.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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