Dave Chappelle Lashes Out At ‘Cancel Culture,’ Receives Standing Ovation After Backlash For Anti-Trans Remarks

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Dave Chappelle isn’t losing any sleep after the backlash over his Netflix comedy special.

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The iconic comedian performed a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Thursday night. When he took the stage, he received a standing ovation from the massive crowd.

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“If this is what being canceled is like, I love it,” he said — only to receive even more thunderous applause.

Chappelle repeatedly took aim at the LGBTQ community during his latest Netflix special that premiered this week, something that isn’t exactly new for him, but was frustrating to many people all the same.

Specifically, his remarks about trans women didn’t go over well with the trans community and its allies.

“Gender is a fact,” he said. “Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren’t women, I am just saying that those p—sies that they got…you know what I mean? I’m not saying it’s not p—sy, but it’s Beyond P—sy. It tastes like p—sy, but that’s not quite what is is, is it? That’s not blood, that’s beet juice.”

Chappelle at one point declared himself “team TERF” while complaining that people “canceled” J.K. Rowling over her similarly transphobic perspective in which she insists that trans women aren’t actually women, and insisted that trans women want him dead.

But no matter how much Chappelle complains about cancel culture, the fact that he can turn around and perform a sold-out show, much like how J.K. Rowling can keep raking in money hand over fist, is that there is no such thing as cancel culture. He hasn’t lost his career for making transphobic or homophobic remarks again and again, and he likely won’t. 

And for the most part, people don’t want him to lose his career. Calling someone out for punching down isn’t “canceling” them, it’s holding them accountable. But complaining that people are out to get you instead of looking inward and taking responsibility for bad actions is a whole lot easier.

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Written by Rachel Kiley

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