‘Just Don’t Bring Ya A** Back!’—DaBaby Wishes The Trespasser He Shot All The Best


Rapper DaBaby recently shot a guy who tried to climb over a wall onto his property in North Carolina. The man was hit in the leg, according to TMZ, and he was definitely a purposeful intruder because DaBaby has security guards and the compound is pretty fenced in.

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All’s well that ends well—for DaBaby, anyway. He recently posted to Instagram, sharing a clip from the movie Jay-Z’s Paid In Full, starring Cam’ron and Wood Harris.

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He captioned it, “Chose not to take a n***a life the other day & it felt great. Buddy ain’t deserve to go, I step righteously. Heal up & live my boy! Just don’t bring ya ass back.”

Very generous of him!

Law enforcement say DaBaby tried to talk to the trespasser before he shot him, but eventually sent way more than a warning shot. He then called the police department and they were able to hear the man screaming in pain in the background.

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Luckily, the wound was not life-threatening and the trespasser will have a helluva story for that scar. And DaBaby will be playing soon in Dallas, Texas. The ball keeps rolling.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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