DaBaby Says He’s The Best And That’s Why Other Rappers Are Too Scared To Work With Him

dababy the best, dababy other rappers won't work with him

Rappers are supposed to be super confident and brag on themselves a lot, so at some point, most of them have declared themselves the best in the game. And now it’s DaBaby’s turn, though instead of doing it in a verse he did it in an Instagram story. In it, he explains why other rappers don’t want to work with him—they’re scared.

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“Best mf rapper & I’m on ALLLAT sh-t these n-ggas LIE about,” Dababy wrote over a selfie screenshot by HipHopDX. “I’m him frfr. If a n-gga ain’t tryna work with the real thang he SCARED. The best supposed to compete w/ the best These n-ggas just TALK like they like dat SHUUUUT UP.”

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It’s not clear if he was thinking of anything in particular when he wrote this screed, but who hasn’t gotten a little weird in their stories when they need an emotional boost? He has had two smash-hit albums with Kirk and Blame It On Baby, and has received multiple Grammy nominations. Maybe he is as good as he thinks. Not sure if that explains why other people don’t want to rap with him, that could be more of a personality issue.

DaBaby has caught some negative attention lately when a member of his entourage named Wisdom Awute was charged with attempted murder over a shooting in Miami:

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He also recently announced in his Instagram stories that he now charges $300,00 a verse, sharing a photo of his “Leave Me Alone (Freestyle)” video on YouTube, and commenting, “From 5K a verse to 300K a verse.”

It could be that DaBaby has just priced himself out.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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