People Are Terrified By This Photo Of Tom Brady And Tony Dungy ‘Lookin Like Paralysis Demons’

tom brady tony dungy

Weird and unflattering photos are always going viral, but sometimes they hit a particular note that leaves you unable to shake what you just saw.

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Such seems to be the case with a recent photo of football legend Tom Brady next to retired NFL coach Tony Dungy, aka possibly the creepiest thing you’ll see on the internet today.

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Brady and Dungy posed for a pic together at Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame party, and Dungy had nothing but kind things to say about the Buccaneers quarterback.

“Nothing but class!” he wrote. “Taking a day to leave training camp to be there shows the love and respect they have for each other. We were competitors on the field but I have ultimate respect for Tom as well!”

And then came the photo:

Clearly they were a big fan of low-to-the-ground lighting at this party, and the resulting shadows left both Brady and Dungy looking like men about to be possessed by the unsettled spirits of crazed serial killers.

The creepy factor wasn’t lost on those who gazed upon the cursed photo, and the internet has been reacting appropriately.



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Written by Rachel Kiley

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