Coca-Cola Is Changing Coke Zero’s Flavor And Fans Are Worried And Upset

coke zero change

People who drink Coke Zero want it to taste like Coke Zero, but the company wants Coke Zero to taste like regular Coca-Cola and it’s turning into a bit of a battle with consumers. Fortune reports that the formula for Coke Zero is getting a remix and being sent out to stores in the next month.

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There are no new ingredients in Coke Zero Sugar, but it’s been “tweaked” and repackage to have a more attention-grabbing can. Who doesn’t like a more attention-grabbing can?

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I’ll tell you who: all the people who depend on the soft drink for a low-calorie caffeine boost. For some reason, they’re really sure that nothing good will come of experimenting and that they’re about to face a year of vile flavor change:

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It’s possible that Coca-Cola is doing a switcharoo where they announce they’re changing a recipe, everyone buys all they can in fear, the change is disgusting, then they announce they’re re-releasing Coke Zero Classic. That’s pretty much what they did in 1985 when they changed the flavor of Coke and it was a huge issue for consumers.

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On the other hand, they have been branching out lately with Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar out in 2019. They also released an alcoholic drink in Japan and might make a beverage infused with marijuana. Now, when will they bring back the Coca-Cola with actual cocaine in it? That feels like a very 2021 option.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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