‘He Got The Punishment Haircut:’ Chris Brown Clowns Kanye West’s New Hair On Instagram

kanye west chris brown
@chrisbrownlofficial, @kanyewest/Instagram

Not everyone is on board with Kanye West’s new look, and Chris Brown is taking advantage of the opportunity to take some swings of his own.

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West debuted his new look on Instagram not long after it was revealed he legally changed his name to “Ye.”

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It looks like this: 

A number of people have questioned what, exactly, the rapper was going for with this look, and it didn’t take long for Brown to join in the pile on.

“He asked the barbour [sic] for the f—ked up worldwide fade,” he wrote on Instagram. “[N-word] wanna make ‘what the f—k’ in style. He got the punishment haircut.”

Brown didn’t stop there, devoting two additional posts to clowning on Ye for his new ‘do.

This is the second time in the recent past that Brown has taken a swing at Kanye, previously lashing out after discovering his verse on one of West’s new songs was cut out.

“Kanye a whole hoe,” he wrote at the time.

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Both performers are no strangers to controversy or public feuds. Brown has repeatedly been arrested, accused of assault, and clashed with other performers. Meanwhile, West has stirred up concern over his mental health in recent years, from his half-hearted attempt at winning a presidential nomination to his dive into gospel music to everything that’s gone on with Kim Kardashian.

And fans of both were ready to weigh in on this latest drama.

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Written by Rachel Kiley

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