Chloe Bailey Doing The “Buss It” Challenge Is Peak Performance

chloe bailey buss it, chloe bailey buss it challenge
@chloebaileywashere/TikTok, @shes_rADIAnt/Twitter

Chloe Bailey of Chloe X Halle is definitely setting herself apart. Not just from the duo, from all of humanity. The 22-year-old joined in on the TikTok Buss It challenge and showed everybody why she’s just better. It only took her about 15 seconds.

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If you've somehow missed out on the Buss It challenge, congratulations, you get to discover it for the first time. There are about a million TikToks of women in their everyday at-home clothes dancing to Eric Banks's single "Buss It."

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Then they drop down and the camera cuts to the reveal: them squatting down and shaking ass in their best going-out looks.

At this point, the Buss It challenge has gotten so popular that people have built on the form, turning it into jokes and memes instead of just sexy dancing. Even the olds are doing it.

At this point, the Buss It challenge should be declared over, and it almost was until Chloe Bailey stepped in. Her Buss It challenge has broken the Internet and people's brains:

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There are a lot of people thirsting over Chloe, which is completely understandable. I also want to shout out her incredible knees, and the fact that her normal everyday clothes look better than what some people wear to prom:


If you are in love with her after watching that, get in line:

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She has so much power, she brought it back and ended it on the same day.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan

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